Friday, May 31

Miles: 5

Duration: 39:22:32

Average Pace: 7:52

Calories: 379

Cross Training: none

How did it feel/Thoughts: So I still felt sore from the leg workout the other day and I feel like all my muscles are finally catching up with the soreness.  A good recovery pace isn’t bad to take when listening to my body.



Thursday, May 30

Miles: 5

Duration: 38:55:88

Average Pace: 7:47

Calories: 379

Cross Training: 10 minutes abs

How did it feel/Thoughts: It was significantly warmer and I was twice as sore from my leg and butt exercises the other day.  It was a little miserable.  Every hill I hit I felt like I was going to die.  Ready to start feeling good after these hell weeks of getting back into tip top shape.  Other than that I have a busy day and a job interview!  Hope all goes well and I will have a job at bath and body works!!


Lower Back Exercises

Okay, so as a runner, I often forget the importance of strengthening my lower back.  Also, I struggle to know what to do for lower back workouts.  I came across these exercises and I have to say that they are pretty awesome!  I could feel my lower back being put to work and I loved the use of the exercise ball.  Of course I ended up ignoring how many reps they told me to do on the picture and did how many I thought was necessary.  All in all I highly recommend you try these out for yourself!

Arm Day!


I completed these exercises today for my arm workout (I also did some other exercises besides this.)  I used 5lb dumbbells and did 2 sets of anywhere between 10-20 depending on the difficulty.  I liked these exercises because they are different from the ones I usually do.  I’m definitely going to have sore arms tomorrow!  Especially since using 5lb dumbbells was difficult!

Wednesday, May 29

Miles: 5

Duration: 38:44:55

Average Pace: 7:45

Calories: 378

Cross Training: arms/back

How did it feel/Thoughts: It was warmer again today and I was feeling my butt exercises I did yesterday.  I ran how my body felt and decided it was ok to take a day at a slower pace.


Tuesday, May 28

Miles: 5

Duration: 36:45:40

Average Pace: 7:21

Calories: 378

Cross Training: 15 min core, butt, legs

How did it feel/Thoughts: felt alright.  I was a little sore and it was raining so it made it a little miserable.  Overall it was a much needed run for some stress relief and relaxation.